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  • Learn NCLEX the easy way
  • Discover memory tricks and mnemonics
  • Understand difficult concepts more rapidly
  • Improve memory retention
  • Overcome Mental Blocks
  • Reduce study time
  • Ultimately pass NCLEX

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What is BRAIN RN™?
Brain RN™ is a preparatory online course which enables you to maximize your study time while attending Rachell Allen's Integrated Review Program. It is a unique learning tool which encourages memory retention and easy recalling of facts. Brain RN™ techniques show not only facts but also the overall concept that helps you to associate ideas and create a good mental framework into which you can fit facts correctly. Drawing loosely on clinical nursing research, teaching theory and science, Prof. Rachell Allen's success has led her to develop these techniques to help anyone retain information and extract the maximum amount of benefit from his or her review time.
Who uses BRAIN RN™?
Brain RN™ was designed specifically for students of Rachell Allen's Integrated Review Program. It has also been widely acknowledged as a unique learning method that meets the needs of nursing students, NCLEX candidates and those learning scientific and medical information even outside of the nursing discipline.
Why should you use BRAIN RN™?
Brain RN™ helps you maximize your review time while attending the Integrated Review Program. It enables you to learn faster. You do not have to spend hours of endless studying to be able to memorize tons of information. It actually saves you time and trouble discovering the best way to study difficult information.
How will this method help me with NCLEX ?
The Brain RN™ Learning Course offers full coverage of NCLEX learning techniques and memory devices in a way that's easy to follow and understand. Brain RN™ prepares you for your  Integrated Review classes to help you improve your learning skills and maximize your review time.
Explain the BRAIN RN™ Learning Modules
The learning modules can be accessed online when you register for the  Integrated Review classes. The modules are interactive which means you can answer and obtain results on the computer at the click of a mouse. These modules integrate hands-on learning through practice and can be used quickly in your review class. One of the most powerful things about Brain RN™ is that it allows you to prepare for NCLEX  in a way that suits your learning style.   
You do not need to follow the modules in sequence. You can choose to prioritize those learning tricks and devices you feel you need to prioritize and later proceed to areas that you would like to work on.

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NCLEX Exam Secrets Revealed (Multiple Choice Strategies Course) 5 days $128

Live Class

The NEW Integrated Review + Brain RN + NCLEX Strategies

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Brain RN™ Learning Course 5 days $128
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*$110 is only the reservation fee which is non-refundable. Full payment of the program is required at the location of choice. Prices vary by location.

Rachell Allen reveals her secret strategies for answering NCLEX multiple choice tests.

   NCLEX EBook: Nurse Your Future  

Out of more than 78,000 who took the nursing board in 2007 and with over 700,000 nursing students in the Philippines alone, who will succeed and who will fail? No one knows. The fact that there will be some who will make it and some who will break it remains. Do you have what it takes to succeed? This book has some secrets. It intends to advise you on how success is made in the nursing field.  
   Become a Licensed Provider :  
In order to reach out to more global companies, Rachell Allen licenses the Review Program and BRAIN RN packages to qualified education providers worldwide.  
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