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The Rachell Allen Intellectual Property (IP) Rights consist of a body of knowledge and proprietary educational modules created by Prof. Rachell Allen, her chief instructors and other stakeholders.
The IP Rights License will provide you with the tools and opportunity to deliver Rachell Allen Programs, Live Classes and Online Courses. This License will:

1. Offer access to world-class quality courses and a vast amount of relevant information ready to be used in conducting NCLEX Programs including NCLEX eLearning solutions.
2. Entitle you to use the Program Materials, online learning modules system and other related services.
3. Provide training for your instructors or facilitators.


The Rachell Allen IPR License

1. Reduces company time, high cost of developing world-class, high-quality NCLEX Review Programs and eLearning Courses.
2. Provides access to long-term NCLEX learning solutions, program updates and an international standard of education.
3. Avoids losses in production time, productivity, high instructor training costs and other expenses as those incurred in developing and setting up new Review Classes and eLearning programs from scratch.


Upon fulfilling the obligations set forth in the Rachell Allen IPR License Agreement, you will be provided with the Rachell Allen Review Programs, the eLearning System and the ability to offer the Rachell Allen courses online.

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Rachell Allen reveals her secret strategies for answering NCLEX multiple choice tests.

   NCLEX EBook: Nurse Your Future  

Out of more than 78,000 who took the nursing board in 2007 and with over 700,000 nursing students in the Philippines alone, who will succeed and who will fail? No one knows. The fact that there will be some who will make it and some who will break it remains. Do you have what it takes to succeed? This book has some secrets. It intends to advise you on how success is made in the nursing field.  
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In order to reach out to more global companies, Rachell Allen licenses the Review Program and BRAIN RN packages to qualified education providers worldwide.  
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