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Brilliant Comprehensive learning…

INTENSIVE training and EXCLUSIVE Experience…

The Rachell Allen Integrated Review Program is an innovative approach to integrate the comprehensive, intensive, final coaching and Brain RN techniques. With the new Rachell Allen easy step-by-step test preparation guide, you can easily pass your NCLEX exams without months of endless studying!

Exclusively designed by Professor Rachell Allen and her team of academic consultants, the new Integrated Review Program is modeled from the latest NCLEX Test Plans and it covers only the 500 MOST ESSENTIAL nursing concepts most commonly asked in NCLEX exams. What’s very unique about the program is that it focuses on your critical thinking skills  through thousands of comprehensive questions covering only the key areas of nursing. 

Aside from providing comprehensive and live intensive review programs on different areas of nursing, the Rachell Allen Review Program further concentrates on developing the students’ test taking strategies that will enable you to answer even the most difficult questions!

And above all…we made it SIMPLE…and…FUN !!!

NOTE: The New Integrated Review Program includes  Brain RN Preparatory Course, The NCLEX Secret Strategies, video course comprehensive review and guidebook, live intensive review and workbook, integrated final coaching with test taking strategies, unlimited US-based online review with rationalization, pre tests, post tests, assessment and comprehensive tests with live rationalization, free access to review books and materials, guidance / assistance in application and supplemental handouts from the US.

Note: Registrations are accepted by phone, on-line or walk-in. Early registration is encouraged as class sizes are very limited and many courses fill quickly. In addition, we strictly comply with the Rachell Allen Lecturer-Student Ratio Policy.

First come, first-served. Limited seats only. For reservations, click here 

BRAIN RN™ Learning Course
Brain RN™ is a powerful online preparatory course which enables you to maximize your study time while attending Rachell Allen's Integrated Review Program. It is a unique learning tool that teaches memory tricks and devices for easy learning, better brain performance and longer memory retention. Brain RN™ prepares you for the new Integrated Review classes to help you improve your learning skills and optimize your review time. Learn memory aids and mnemonics, understand difficult concepts more rapidly, overcome mental blocks, improve memory, reduce study time and pass NCLEX. Drawing loosely on clinical nursing research, teaching theory and science, Prof. Rachell Allen's success has led her to develop these techniques to help anyone retain information and extract the maximum amount of benefit from his or her review time.

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NCLEX Multiple Choice Strategies
The NCLEX Multiple Choice Strategies is the FINALE to the New Integrated Review Classes at Rachell Allen. It is a supplementary learning course that can help you answer NCLEX tests using tried-and-true techniques used by Rachell Allen herself in preparing her students pass nursing school and ultimately the US nursing licensure exam in the US.
This online course offers full coverage of NCLEX secret techniques and exam strategies in a way that's easy to understand. It's the Final Learning Step of Rachell Allen's New Integrated Review Program to help you answer questions and eliminate wrong answers in a typical NCLEX examination.

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Available Classes
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Brain RN™ Learning Course 5 days $128

Live Class

The NEW Integrated Review + Brain RN + NCLEX Strategies

Non-Refundable Reservation Fee



NCLEX Exam Secrets Revealed (Multiple Choice Strategies Course) 5 days $128
Registration Confirmation email, instructions and password will be sent to the email address you specify in the registration form.

*$110 is only the reservation fee which is non-refundable. Full payment of the program is required at the location of choice. Prices vary by location.

Rachell Allen reveals her secret strategies for answering NCLEX multiple choice tests.

   NCLEX EBook: Nurse Your Future  

Out of more than 78,000 who took the nursing board in 2007 and with over 700,000 nursing students in the Philippines alone, who will succeed and who will fail? No one knows. The fact that there will be some who will make it and some who will break it remains. Do you have what it takes to succeed? This book has some secrets. It intends to advise you on how success is made in the nursing field.  
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In order to reach out to more global companies, Rachell Allen licenses the Review Program and BRAIN RN packages to qualified education providers worldwide.  
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